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Being reef tank owners ourselves, we know the time, dedication and the amount of money it takes to create the aquariums you desire. No matter what type of tank you've created, it needs to be fed. Whether you are feeding fish, inverts, or corals, they deserve quality food!  With all you have invested in your aquarium, why not assure a healthy ecosystem?  Fresh frozen foods offer you that option. There is no comparison between fresh frozen and flake. If you were a fish, what would you want...some bland flakes loaded with preservatives, or delicious fresh greens and meats?

At KB Pet products, we offer some of the best Tropical and Salt Water fish foods available. By dealing directly with many local fishermen along the east coast, as well as respected suppliers of imported goods, our ingredients arrive to us as fresh as possible. Many are put on ice and arrive at our facility hours after being caught!

We have many formulas, new and old, as well as the basic single ingredient foods you need. We continue to improve our extensive menu of products, like our new Reef Formula, designed specifically for corals and inverts. Our mission is to supply our customers with the best possible foods for the hobby they love.

Give KB a try and we promise--you'll have one happy aquarium!

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